Reckless Behavior Questionnaire (RBQ)

Reckless Behavior Questionnaire (RBQ)
Arnett‚ 1989
1. Driven while under the influence of alcohol.
2. Had sex without using contraceptives (withdrawal and ha‎ving sex at a “safe” time of the menstrual cycle doesn’t count as contraception).
3. Damaged or destroyed public or private property.
4. Used marijuana.
5. Shoplifted.
6. Driven a car at over 130 kilometers per hour.
7. Had sex with someone you didn't know well.
8. Used cocaine.
9. Driven more than 30 kilometers per hour over the speed limit
10. Used illegal drugs other than marijuana or cocaine.
0 = never‚ 1= Once‚ 2= 2-5 times‚ 3= 6-10 times‚ and 4 = more than 10 times

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