Readiness to Change Questionnaire

Rollnick et al. 1992
1. I don’t think I drink too much.
2. I am trying to drink less than I used to.
3. I enjoy my drinking‚ but sometimes I drink too much.
4. Sometimes I think I should cut down on my drinking.
5. It’s a waste of time thinking about my drinking.
6. I have just recently changed my drinking habits
7. Anyone can talk about wanting to do something about drinking‚ but I am actually doing something about it.
8. I am at the stage where I should think about drinking less alcohol.
9. My drinking is a problem sometimes.
10. There is no need for me to think about changing my drinking.
11. I am actually changing my drinking habits right now.
12. Drinking less alcohol would be pointless for me.
Pre-contemplation (alpha 0.82); contemplation (alpha 0.86); action (alpha 0.78) (Rollnick et al.‚ 1992)
Strongly Disagree‚ Disagree‚ Unsure‚ Agree‚ Strongly Agree

Rollnick‚ S.‚ Heather‚ N.‚ Gold‚ R.‚ & Hall‚ W.‚ (1992). Development of a short “readiness to change” questionnaire for use in brief‚ opportunistic interventions among excessive drinkers. British Journal of Addiction‚ 87(5); 743-754.

Boudreau‚ Matthew‚ “College Student’s Alcohol Consumption Habits‚ Perceptions‚ Readiness to Change and Exposure to a Brief Information Based Intervention” (2013). Psychology Honors Papers. Paper 41.