Procrastination Scale (Lay‚ 1986)

Procrastination Scale (Lay‚ 1986)

People may use the following statements to describe themselves. For each statement‚ decide whether the statement is unch‎aracteristic or ch‎aracteristic of you using the following 5 point scale. Note that the 3 on the scale is Neutral – the statement is neither ch‎aracteristic nor unch‎aracteristic of you. In the box to the right of each statement‚ fill in the number on the 5 point scale that best describes you.
Extremely             Moderately           Neutral           Moderately           Extremely

 Unch‎aracteristic     Unch‎aracteristic                             ch‎aracteristic      ch‎aracteristic

      1                          2                        3                         4                          5

I often find myself performing tasks that I had intended to do days before.
I often miss concerts‚ sporting events‚ or the like because I don’t around to buying tickets on time.
When planning a party‚ I make the necessary arrangements well in advance.
When it is time to get up in the morning‚ I most often get right out of bed.
A letter may sit for days after I write it before mailing it.
I generally return phone calls promptly.
Even with jobs that require little else except sitting down and doing them‚ I find they seldom get done for days.
I usually make decisions as soon as possible.
I generally delay before starting on work I have to do.
When travelling‚ I usually have to rush in preparing to arrive at the airport or station at the appropriate time.
When preparing to go out‚ I am seldom caught ha‎ving to do something at the last minute.
In preparing for some deadline‚ I often waste time by doing other things.
If a bill for a small amount comes‚ I pay it right away.
I usually return an RVSP request very shortly after receiving the invitation.
I often have a task finished sooner than necessary.
I always seem to end up shopping for birthday or Christmas gifts at the last minute.
I usually buy even an essential item at the last minute.
I usually accomplish all the things I plan to do in a day.
I am continually saying AI=ll do it tomorrow@.
I usually take care of all the tasks I have to do before I settle down and relax for the evening.
Note: Reversed-keyed items: 3‚4‚6‚8‚11‚13‚14‚15‚18‚20
Note: * indicates items that differ from student to non-student forms

Lay‚ C. (1986). At last‚ my research article on procrastination. Journal of Research in Personality‚ 20‚ 474-495.

Ronald Okada
Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Health
York University
Toronto‚ Ontario
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