Jones and Crandall’s (1986) Self-Actualization Index (SAI)

1. I do not feel ashamed of any of my emotions.
2.* I feel I must do what others expect me to do.
3. I believe that people are essentially good and can be trusted.
4. I feel free to be angry at those I love.
5.* It is always necessary that others approve of what I do.
6.* I don’t accept my own weaknesses.
7. I can like people without ha‎ving to approve of them.
8.* I fear failure.
9.* I avoid attempts to analyze and simplify complex domains.
10. It is better to be yourself than to be popular.
11.* I have no mission in life to which I feel especially dedicated.
12. I can express my feelings even when they may result in undesirable consequences.
13.* I do not feel responsible to help anybody.
14.* I am bothered by fears of being inadequate.
15. I am loved because I give love.
*Results for these questions are reverse-scored so that more self-actualizing responses produce higher scores‚ i.e.‚ reverse score=5−raw score.