Perceived Ability-Job Fit


This measure, (Perceived Ability-Job Fit) developed by Abdel-Halim (1981), uses five items to assess an employee’s perceived ability-job fit. According to the person­ environment fit model of stress, whether a given level of job demands is stressful to a jobholder is determined by his or her ability (or perceived abil­ity) to perform the job (Xie, 1996). Xie and Johns (1995) found that employ­ees with lower perceived ability-job fit are affected to a greater degree by job demands than those who have higher job-ability fit.


Coefficient alpha values ranged from .73 to .74 (Xie, 1996; Xie & Johns, 1995).


Xie (1996) found through factor analysis that perceived ability-job fit, deci­ sion latitude, and job demands were empirically distinct. Perceived ability­ job fit correlated positively with job demands, control, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, age, adequacy of income, and tenure. Ability-job fit correlated negatively with anxiety and depression (Xie, 1996).


Xie, J. L. (1996). Karasek’s model in the People’s Republic of China: Effects of job demands, control, and individual differences. Academy of Manage­ment Journal, 39(6), 1594-1619. © 1996 by Academy of Management. Items were taken from text, p. 1603. Reproduced with permission of Acad­emy of Management in the format textbook via Copyright Clearance Center.


Responses are obtained on a 5-point Likert-type scale where 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree.

  1. I feel that my work utilizes my full abilities
  2. I feel competent and fully able to handle my job
  3. My job gives me a chance to do the things I feel I do best
  4. I feel that my job and I are well matched
  5. I feel I have adequate preparation for the job I now hold

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