Organizational Justice Scale (OJS)

1. The principal’s behaviour is consistent.
2. Students in this school are treated fairly.
3. The principal does not play favorites.
4. The principal treats everyone with respect and dignity.
5. There is no preferential treatment in this school.
6. The principal is this school is fair to everyone.
7. Educators in this school follow courses of action that are generally free of self interest.
8. The principal adheres to high ethical standards.
9. Teachers are involved in decisions that affect them.
10. Teachers are treated fairly in this school.
1= Strongly
Disagree‚ 2= Disagree‚ 3= Somewhat
Disagree‚ 4= Somewhat Agree‚ 5= Agree‚ 6= Strongly
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Hoy‚ W. K. & Tarter‚ C. J. (2004). Organizational justice in schools: No justice without trust. International Journal of Educational Management‚ 18‚ 250-259.