Low Self-Esteem—Weinberger Adjustment Inventory

1. 1. I’m not very sure of myself.
2. I really don’t like myself very much.
3. I sometimes feel so bad about myself that I wish I were somebody else.
4. I usually feel I’m the kind of person I want to be.
5. I feel I can do things as well as other people can.
6. I feel that I am a special or important person.
7. I feel that I am really good at things I try to do..
This subscale measures an individual’s perception of his or her value. Some of the items are from Weinberger’s Distress Scale. Youths are asked to indicate how true various statements are for them.
This instrument can be found on page 142 of Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes‚ Behaviors‚ and Influences Among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at: http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/YV_Compendium.pdf .
This scale is copyrighted. For permission to use‚ contact:
Daniel A. Weinberger‚ Ph.D.
Wellen Center
P.O. Box 22807
Beachwood‚ OH 44122
Tel: (440) 734-7861 #
Fax: (404) 378-5930
Items 1‚ 2‚ 3 are scored on the following 5-point scale:
False = 1
Somewhat false = 2
Not sure = 3
Somewhat true = 4
True = 5
Items 4‚ 5‚ 6‚ 7 are scored on the following 5-point scale:
Never = 1
Not often = 2
Sometimes = 3
Often = 4
Almost always = 5

Weinberger DA‚ Schwartz GE. Distress and restraint as superordinate dimensions of adjustment: a typological perspective. Journal of Personality 1990;58(2):381-417.