Interview Schedule for Social Interaction (sample)

33. At present‚ do you have someone you can share your most private feelings with (confide in) or not?
No one (Go to Q. 33D) 0
Yes 1
A. Who is this mainly? (Fill in only one on Attachment Table)
B. Do you wish you could share more with _______________ or is it about right?
About right 1
Depends on the situation 2
More 3
Not applicable 9
C. Would you like to have someone else like this as well‚ would you prefer not to use a confidant‚ or is it just about right for you the way it is?
Prefers no confidant 1
About right 2
Depends on the situation 3
Like someone else as well 4
Not applicable 9
(Go to Q. 34)
(If no one)
D. Would you like to have someone like this or would you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself?
Keep things to self1
Like someone 2
Not applicable
Availability of attachment (AVAT‚ 8 items)‚ adequacy of attachment (ADAT‚ 12 items)‚ availability of social integration (AVSI‚ 16 items)‚ adequacy of social integration (ADSI‚ 17 items)

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