Interaction Anxiousness Scale

1.    I often feel nervous even in casual get-togethers.
2.    I usually feel comfortable when I’m in a group of people I don’t know.
3.    I am usually at ease when speaking to a member of the other sex.
4.    I get nervous when I must talk to a teacher or a boss.
5.    Parties often make me feel anxious and uncomfortable.
6.    I am probably less shy in social interactions than most people.
7.    I sometimes feel tense when talking to people of my own sex if I don’t know them very well.
8.    I would be nervous if I was being interviewed for a job.
9.    I wish I had more confidence in social situations.
10.I seldom feel anxious in social situations.
11.In general‚ I am a shy person.
12.I often feel nervous when talking to an attractive member of the opposite sex.
13.I often feel nervous when calling someone I don’t know very well on the telephone.
14.I get nervous when I speak to someone in a position of authority.
15.I usually feel relaxed around other people‚ even people who are quite different from me.
1 = Not at all ch‎aracteristic of me.
2 = Slightly ch‎aracteristic of me.
3 = Moderately ch‎aracteristic of me.
4 = Very ch‎aracteristic of me.
5 = Extremely ch‎aracteristic of me.
This instrument can be found at:‎arleary/scales.html

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