Headache-Specific Locus of Control Scale

Headache-Specific Locus of Control Scale for Adolescents
1. Taking medicine as prescribed keeps headaches from getting worse.
2. Doctors keep me from getting headaches.
3. My headaches aren’t as bad if doctors take good care of me.
4. I usually get over a headache when I get good medical help.
5. Seeing my doctor regularly is the best way to control my headaches.
6. My doctor’s treatment can help my headaches.
7. If I don’t have the right medicine‚ my headaches are a problem.
8. Only my doctor can give me ways to prevent headaches.
9. When I have headaches‚ I should talk to a doctor.
10. When my doctor makes a mistake I am the one to suffer with headaches.
11. Just seeing my doctor helps my headaches.
12. When I push myself too hard I get headaches.
13. By not becoming stressed out or overly active I can prevent headaches.
14. When I worry I am more likely to have headaches.
15. My actions influence whether I have headaches.
16. My headaches are worse when I’m stressed.
17. I can avoid some headaches if I relax.
18. I can prevent some headaches by avoiding stress.
19. I can prevent some headaches by not getting upset.
20. I am directly responsible for getting some headaches.
21. When I don’t take care of myself‚ I get headaches.
22. My headaches can be worse if I’m too active.
23. When I have a headache‚ nothing I can do will change it.
24. My headaches are beyond control.
25. I’m likely to get headaches no matter what I do.
26. No matter what I do‚ I will still have headaches.
27. I am completely at the mercy of my headaches.
28. If a headache is coming I will get it no matter what.
29. I’m just lucky when I don’t get headaches.
30. It’s a matter of fate whether I get a headache.
31. When I get headaches I have to let nature run its course.
32. Luck plays a big part in how soon my headache ends.
33. My not getting headaches is a matter of good fortune.