Locus of Control of Behaviour Scale

 Directions: Below are a number of statements about how various topics affect your personal beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers. For every item there are a large number of people who agree or disagree. Could you please put in the appropriate space the choice you believe to be true?
Answer all the questions.
= Strongly disagree‚ 1=  Generally disagree‚ 2=  Somewhat disagree‚ 3=  Somewhat agree‚ 4=  Generally agree‚ 5 = Strongly agree
1. ____ I can anticipate difficulties and take action to avoid them
2. ____ A great deal of what happens to me is probably just a matter of chance
3. ____ Everyone knows that luck or chance determine one’s future
4. ____ I can control my problem(s) only if I have outside support
5. ____ When I make plans‚ I am almost certain that I can make them work
6. ____ My problem(s) will dominate me all my life
7. ____ My mistakes and problems are my responsibility to deal with
8. ____ Becoming a success is a matter of hard work‚ luck has little or nothing to do with it.
9. ____ My life is controlled by outside actions and events.
10. ____ People are victims of circumstance beyond their control.
11. ____ To continually manage my problems I need professional help
12. ____ When I am under stress‚ the tightness in my muscles is due to things outside my control.
13. ____ I believe a person can really be a ma‎ster of his fate.
14. ____ It is impossible to control my irregular and fast breathing when I am ha‎ving difficulties.
15. ____ I understand why my problem(s) varies so much form one occasion to the next.
16. ____ I am confident of being able to deal successfully with future problems.
17. ____ In my case maintaining control over my problem(s) is due mostly to luck
*For more information‚ please use the following source:

 Craig‚ A. R.‚ Franklin‚ J. A.‚ & Andrews‚ G. (1984). A scale to measure locus of control of behavior. British Journal of Medical Psychology‚ 57‚ 173-180.