Geriatric Anxiety Inventory (GAI)

1. I worry a lot of the time.
2. I find it difficult to make a decision.
3. I often feel jumpy.
4. I find it hard to relax.
5. I often cannot enjoy things because of my worries.
6. Little things bother me a lot.
7. I often feel like I have butterflies in my stomach.
8. I think of myself as a worrier.
9. I can’t help worrying about even trivial things.
10. I often feel nervous.
11. My own thoughts often make me anxious.
12. I get an upset stomach due to my worrying.
13. I think of myself as a nervous person.
14. I always anticipate the worst will happen.
15. I often feel shaky inside.
16. I think that my worries interfere with my life.
17. My worries often overwhelm me.
18. I sometimes feel a great knot in my stomach.
19. I miss out on things because I worry too much.
20. I often feel upset.
This instrument can be found on page 16 of “Development and validation of the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory.”‚ available online at:

Pachana‚ N.‚ Byrne‚ G.‚ Siddle‚ H.‚ Koloski‚ N.‚ Harley‚ E.‚ & Arnold‚ E. (2007). Development and validation of the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory. International Psychogeriatrics‚ 19‚ 103-114.