Friendship Qualities Scale

Friendship Qualities Scale
Friendship nominations
Bukowski‚ Hoza‚ & Boivin‚ 1994
I am completing this questionnaire about _____________________ . (Please fill in your friend’s first and last name)
1. My friend and I spend all our free time together.
2. I can get into fights with my friend.
3. If I forgot my lunch or needed a little money‚ my friend would loan it to me.
4. If I have a problem at school or at home‚ I can talk to my friend about it.
5. If my friend had to move away‚ I would miss him/her.
6. My friend thinks of fun things for us to do together.
7. My friend can bug me or annoy me even though I ask him/her not to.
8. My friend helps me when I am ha‎ving trouble with something.
9. If there is something bothering me‚ I can tell my friend about it even if it is something I cannot tell to other people.
10. I feel happy when I am with my friend.
11. My friend and I go to each other’s houses after school and on weekends.
12. My friend and I can argue a lot.
13. My friend would help me if I needed it.
14. If I said I was sorry after I had a fight with my friend‚ he/she would still stay mad at me.
15. I think about my friend even when my friend is not around.
16. Sometimes my friend and I just sit around and talk about things like school‚ sports‚ and things we like.
17. My friend and I disagree about many things.
18. If other kids were bothering me‚ my friend would help me.
19. If my friend or I do something that bothers the other one of us‚ we can make up easily.
20. When I do a good job at something‚ my friend is happy for me.
21. My friend would stick up for me if another kid was causing me trouble.
22. If my friend and I have a fight or argument‚ we can say “I’m sorry” and everything will be alright.
23. Sometimes my friend does things for me‚ or makes me feel special.
The Cronbach alphas for the FQS subscales were: Companionship: .72; Conflict: .68; Closeness: .76; Help: .81; and Security: .58.
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1= Not at all true‚ 2= A little true‚ 3= Somewhat true‚ 4= Pretty true‚ 5= Really true

Bukowski‚ W.M.‚ Hoza‚ B.‚ & Boivin‚ M. (1994). Measuring friendship quality during pre- and early adolescence: The development and psychometric properties of the friendship qualities scale. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships‚ 11‚ 471-484.

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