Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26)

1=Always‚ 2= Very Often‚ 3=Often‚ 4= Sometimes‚ 5= Rarely‚ 6= Never
1. I Am terrified about being overweight.
2. I Avoid eating when I am hungry.
3. I Find myself preoccupied with food.
4. I Have gone on eating binges where I feel that I may not be able to stop.
5. I Cut my food into small pieces.
6. I Aware of the calorie content of foods that I eat.
7. I Particularly avoid food with a high carbohydrate content (i.e. bread‚ rice‚ potatoes‚ etc.)
8. I Feel that others would prefer if I ate more.
9. I Vomit after I have eaten.
10. I Feel extremely guilty after eating.
11. I Am occupied with a desire to be thinner.
12. I Think about burning up calories when I exercise.
13. I Other people think that I am too thin.
14. I Am preoccupied with the thought of ha‎ving fat on my body.
15. I Take longer than others to eat my meals.
16. I Avoid foods with sugar in them.
17. I Eat diet foods.
18. I Feel that food controls my life.
19. I Display self-control around food.
20. I Feel that others pressure me to eat.
21. I Give too much time and thought to food.
22. I Feel uncomfortable after eating sweets.
23. I Engage in dieting behavior.
24. I Like my stomach to be empty.
25. I Have the impulse to vomit after meals.
26. I Enjoy trying new rich foods.

Garner DM & Garfinkel PE. The eating attitudes test: An index of the symptoms of anorexia nervosa. Psychological Medicine. 1979; 9: 273-279.