Eating Disorders Inventory (EDI)

1. I eat sweets and carbohydrates without feeling nervous
2. I think that my stomach is too big
3. I wish that I could return to the security of childhood
4. I eat when I am upset
5. I stuff myself with food
6. I wish that I could be younger
7. I think about dieting
8. I get frightened when my feelings are too strong
9. I think that my things are too large
10. I feel ineffective as a person
11. I feel extremely guilty after overeating
12. I think that my stomach is just the right size
13. Only outstanding performance is good enough in my family
14. The happiest time in life is when you are a child
15. I am open about my feelings
16. I am terrified of gaining weight
17. I trust others
18. I feel alone in the world
19. I feel satisfied with the shape of my body
20. I feel generally in control of things in my life
21. I get confused about what emotion I am feeling
22. I would rather be an adult than a child
23. I can communicate with others easily
24. I wish I were someone else
25. I exaggerate the importance of weight
26. I can clearly identify what emotion I am feeling
27. I feel inadequate
28. I have gone on eating binges where I have felt that I could not stop
29. As a child‚ I tried very hard to avoid disappointing my parents and teachers
30. I have close relationships
31. I like the shape of my buttocks
32. I am preoccupied with the desire to be thinner
33. I don’t know what’s going on inside me
34. I have trouble expressing my emotions to others
35. The demands of adulthood are too great
36. I hate being less than best at things
37. I feel secure about myself
38. I think about bingeing
39. I feel happy that I am not a child anymore
40. I get confused as to whether or not I am hungry
41. I have a low opinion of myself
42. I feel that I can achieve my standards
43. My parents have expected excellence of me
44. I worry that my feelings will get out of control
45. I think my hips are too big
46. I eat moderately in front of others and stuff myself when they are gone
47. I feel bloated after eating a small meal
48. I feel that people are happiest when they are children
49. If I gain a pound‚ I worry that I will keep gaining
50. I feel that I am a worthwhile person
51. When I am upset‚ I don’t know if I am sad‚ frightened‚ or angry
52. I feel that I must do things perfectly or not do them at all
53. I have the thought of trying to vomit in order to lose weight
54. I need to keep people at a certain distance
55. I think that my thighs are just the right size
56. I feel empty inside (emotionally)
57. I can talk about personal thoughts or feelings
58. The best years of your life are when you become an adult
59. I think my buttocks are too large
60. I have feelings I can’t quite identify
61. I eat or drink in secrecy
62. I think that my hips are just the right size
63. I have extremely high goals
64. When I am upset‚ I worry that I will start eating
This instrument can be found on pages 47-48 of The Portuguese Version of the Eating Disorders Inventory: Evaluation of its PsychometricProperties‚ available online at:
1=Always‚ 2=Usually‚ 3=Often‚ 4=Sometimes‚ 5=Rarely‚ 6=Never
Drive for Thinness: items (1‚ 7‚ 11‚ 16‚ 25‚ 32‚ 49 and 64)
Interpersonal Distrust: items (15‚ 17‚ 23‚ 30‚ 34‚ 54 and 57)
Perfectionism: items (13‚ 29‚ 36‚ 43‚ 52 and 63)
Bulimia: items ( 4‚ 5‚ 28‚ 38‚ 46‚ 53 and 61)
Maturity Fears: items (3‚ 6‚ 14‚ 22‚ 39‚ 48 and 58)
Interoceptive Awareness: items (8‚ 21‚ 26‚ 33‚ 40‚ 51 and 60
Body Dissatisfaction: items (2‚ 9‚ 12‚ 19‚ 31‚ 45‚ 55‚ 59 and 62)
Ineffectiveness: items (10‚ 18‚ 20‚ 24‚ 27‚ 37‚ 41‚ 42‚ 52 and 56)

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