EASI-III Temperament Scale

EASI-III Temperament Scale
Emotionality‚ Activity‚ Sociability and Impulsivity Temperament Scale
Buss & Plomin‚ 1975‚1984
1.    I frequently get upset.
2.    I am almost always calm—nothing ever bothers me .
3.    I get excited easily.
4.    I am somewhat emotional.
5.    I often feel like crying.
6.    I am easily frightened.
7.    I often feel insecure.
8.    I tend to be nervous in new situations.
9.    I have fewer fears than most people my age.
10.When I get scared‚ I panic.
11.When displeased‚ I let people know it right away.
12.It takes a lot to get me mad.
13.I am known as hot-blooded and quick-tempered.
14.I yell and scream more than most people my age.
15.There are many things that annoy me.
16.I usually seem to be in a hurry.
17.For relaxation I like to slow down and take things easy.
18.I like to be off and running as soon as I wake up in the morning.
19.I like to keep busy all the time.
20.My life is fast paced.
21.I like to wear myself out with exertion.
22.I often feel sluggish.
23.I often feel as if I'm bursting with energy.
24.When I do things‚ I do them vigorously.
25.My movements are forceful and emphatic.
26.I make friends very quickly.
27.I am very sociable.
28.I tend to be shy.
29.I usually prefer to do things alone.
30.I have many friends.
31.I have trouble controlling my impulses.
32.Usually I can't stand waiting.
33.I can tolerate frustration better than most.
34.I have trouble resisting my cravings (for food‚ cigarettes‚ etc.).
35.I like to spend my money right away rather than save it for long-range goals.
36.I often say the first thing that comes into my head.
37.I often have trouble making up my mind.
38.I like to plan things way ahead of time.
39.I often act on the spur of the moment.
40.I like to make detailed plans before I do something.
41.I generally like to see things through to the end.
42.I'll try anything once.
43.I sometimes do "crazy" things just to be different.
44.I'm happiest in familiar surroundings.
45.I get bored easily.
46.I generally like to see things through to the end.
47.I tend to hop from interest to interest quickly.
48.I tend to give up easily.
49.Unfinished tasks really bother me.
50.Once I get going on something I hate to stop.
Emotionality‚ Activity level‚ Sociability‚ and Impulsivity.
Emotionality consists of subscales for general emotionality‚ fear‚ and anger. Activity is composed of tempo and vigor subscales. Sociability contains only 5 items and thus is both a subscale and temperament dimension. Impulsivity is divided into subscales of inhibitory control‚ decision time‚ sensation seeking‚ and persistence. Each of these 10 subscales contains five items.
Alpha reliability coefficients have calculated as emotionality = .80‚ activity = .72‚ sociability = .69 and impulsivity = .69 (Braithwaite et al.‚ 1984).
 A= Not very ch‎aracteristic of me‚ B= A little ch‎aracteristic of me‚ C= Somewhat ch‎aracteristic of me‚ D= Frequently ch‎aracteristic of me‚ E= Very ch‎aracteristic of me

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