Difficult situations for adults and adolescents Fundación W. K. Kellogg. 1996

 Difficult situations for adults and adolescents
Fundación W. K. Kellogg. 1996
 How is your Family?
If your family experienced any of the following situations during the past year‚ indicate howmuch they affected you (see response format above).
1. One of us‚ or a close relative‚ became physically disabled‚ developed a severe or chronicdisease‚ or was placed in a care facility or nursing home.
2. One of us had emotional or psychological problems.
3. A member of the family‚ a relative‚ or a close friend died.
4. [One of us/one of the children] had difficulties at school or university with academicperformance or behavior.
5. One of us had significant changes at work (positive or negative).
6. There were serious family conflicts or problems.
7. [My spouse and I/my parents] were separated or divorced.
8. The household had money problems.
9. There was violence between members of the family.
10. The family changed residence (house or apartment).
11. One or both parents acquired a new partner or remarried.
12. The family or a member of the family gave birth to or adopted a child.
13. The family went for days without food for lack of money.
14. The family had no housing (house or apartment).
15. A member of the family did not visit a doctor when needed‚ for lack of money.
16. One or more children ran away from home.
17. One of the parents abandoned the family
  • family relationships
  • stressful events
This instrument can be found on pages 25-26 of Latino Families and Youth: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at: http://www.paho.org/hq/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=23171&Itemid=
Point values are assigned as follows:
0 = Did not occur
1 = Occurred but did not affect my family
2 = Occurred and affected my family SOMEWHAT
3 = Occurred and affected my family A GREAT DEAL
All the questions should be answered.

Fundación W. K. Kellogg. 1996. Familia y adolescencia: Indicadores de salud. Manual de Aplicación de Instrumentos.Washington‚ D.C.