Conformity to Male Norms Inventory (CMNI)

1.    It is best to keep your emotions hidden
2.    In general‚ I will do anything to win
3.    If I could‚ I would frequently change sexual partners
4.    If there is going to be violence‚ I find a way to avoid it
5.    It is important to me that people think I am heterosexual
6.    In general‚ I must get my way
7.    Trying to be important is the greatest waste of time
8.    I am often absorbed in my work
9.    I will only be satisfied when women are equal to men
10.I hate asking for help
11.Taking dangerous risks helps me to prove myself
12.In general‚ I do not expend a lot of energy trying to win at things
13.An emotional bond with a partner is the best part of sex
14.I should take every opportunity to show my feelings
15.I believe that violence is never justified
16.Being thought of as gay is not a bad thing
17.In general‚ I do not like risky situations
18.I should be in ch‎arge
19.Feelings are important to show
20.I feel miserable when work occupies all my attention
21.I feel best about my relationships with women when we are equals
22.Winning is not my first priority
23.I make sure that people think I am heterosexual
24.I enjoy taking risks
25.I am disgusted by any kind of violence
26.I would hate to be important
27.I love to explore my feelings with others
28.If I could‚ I would date a lot of different people
29.I ask for help when I need it
30.My work is the most important part of my life
31.Winning isn’t everything‚ it’s the only thing
32.I never take chances
33.I would only have sex if I was in a committed relationship
34.I like fighting
35.I treat women as equals
36.I bring up my feelings when talking to others
37.I would be furious if someone thought I was gay
38.I only get romantically involved with one person
39.I don’t mind losing
40.I take risks
41.I never do things to be an important person
42.It would not bother me at all if someone thought I was gay
43.I never share my feelings
44.Sometimes violent action is necessary
45.Asking for help is a sign of failure
46.In general‚ I control the women in my life
47.I would feel good if I had many sexual partners
48.It is important for me to win
49.I don’t like giving all my attention to work
50.I feel uncomfortable when others see me as important
51.It would be awful if people thought I was gay
52.I like to talk about my feelings
53.I never ask for help
54.More often than not‚ losing does not bother me
55.It is foolish to take risks
56.Work is not the most important thing in my life
57.Men and women should respect each other as equals
58.Long term relationships are better than casual sexual encounters
59.ha‎ving status is not very important to me
60.I frequently put myself in risky situations
61.Women should be subservient to men
62.I am willing to get into a physical fight if necessary
63.I like ha‎ving gay friends
64.I feel good when work is my first priority
65.I tend to keep my feelings to myself
66.Emotional involvement should be avoided when ha‎ving sex
67.Winning is not important to me
68.Violence is almost never justified
69.I am comfortable trying to get my way
70.I am happiest when I’m risking danger
71.Men should not have power over women
72.It would be enjoyable to date more than one person at a time
73.I would feel uncomfortable if someone thought I was gay
74.I am not ashamed to ask for help
75.The best feeling in the world comes from winning
76.Work comes first
77.I tend to share my feelings
78.I like emotional involvement in a romantic relationship
79.No matter what the situation I would never act violently
80.If someone thought I was gay‚ I would not argue with them about it
81.Things tend to be better when men are in ch‎arge
82.I prefer to be safe and careful
83.A person shouldn’t get tied down to dating just one person
84.I tend to invest my energy in things other than work
85.It bothers me when I have to ask for help
86.I love it when men are in ch‎arge of women
87.It feels good to be important
88.I hate it when people ask me to talk about my feelings
89.I work hard to win
90.I would only be satisfied with sex if there was an emotional bond
91.I try to avoid being perceived as gay
92.I hate any kind of risk
93.I prefer to stay unemotional
94.I make sure people do as I say
Winning (WIN)‚ Emotional Control (EMOC)‚ Risk- Taking (RISK)‚ Violence (VIOL)‚ Dominance (DOM)‚ Playboy (PLAY)‚ Self-Reliance (SELF)‚ Primacy of Work (WORK)‚ Power Over Women (POW)‚ Disdain for Homosexuals (HOMO)‚ and Pursuit of Status (POS)
.94 For the total score‚ WIN = .88‚ EMOC = .91‚ RISK = .82‚ VIOL = .84‚ POW = .87‚ DOM = .73‚ PLAY = .88‚ SELF = .85‚ WORK = .76‚ HOMO = .90‚ and POS = .72. (Mahalik et al‚ 2003)
“Strongly Disagree”‚ “Disagree”‚ “Agree”‚ “Strongly agree”

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