Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation—outcome measure

Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation—outcome measure
Evans et al.‚ 2000
1. I have felt terribly alone and isolated
2. I have felt tense‚ anxious or nervous
3. I have felt I have someone to turn to for support when needed
4. I have felt O.K. about myself
5. I have felt totally lacking in energy and enthusiasm
6. I have been physically violent to others
7. I have felt able to cope when things go wrong
8. I have been troubled by aches‚ pains or other physical problems
9. I have thought of hurting myself
10. Talking to people has felt too much for me
11. Tension and anxiety have prevented me doing important things
12. I have been happy with the things I have done.
13. I have been disturbed by unwanted thoughts and feelings
14. I have felt like crying
15. I have felt panic or terror
16. I made plans to end my life
17. I have felt overwhelmed by my problems
18. I have had difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep
19. I have felt warmth or affection for someone
20. My problems have been impossible to put to one side
21. I have been able to do most things I needed to
22. I have threatened or intimidated another person
23. I have felt despairing or hopeless
24. I have thought it would be better if I were dead
25. I have felt criticised by other people
26. I have thought I have no friends
27. I have felt unhappy
28. Unwanted images or memories have been distressing me
29. I have been irritable when with other people
30. I have thought I am to blame for my problems and difficulties
31. I have felt optimistic about my future
32. I have achieved the things I wanted to
33. I have felt humiliated or shamed by other people
34. I have hurt myself physically or taken dangerous risks with my health
Subjective well-being‚ Problems/symptoms‚ Life functioning‚ Risk/harm
0=Not at all‚ 1= Only Occasionally‚ 2=Sometimes‚ 3= Often‚ 4= Most or all the time
Reverse code: 3‚ 4‚ 7‚ 12‚ 19‚ 21‚ 31‚ and 32

Dr. Chris Evans‚ mrCPsych.‚ m.Sc.‚ Institute of Group Analysis‚ Nottinghamshire Personality Disorder and Development network‚ mandala Centre. [email protected]

Evans‚ C.‚ J. Mellor-Clark‚ F. Margison‚ M. Barkham‚ K. Audin‚ J. Connell and G. McGrath (2000). “CORE: Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation.” Journal of Mental Health 9(3): 247-255.

Evans‚ C.‚ J. Connell‚ M. Barkham‚ F. Margison‚ G. McGrath‚ J. Mellor-Clark and K. Audin (2002). “Towards a standardised brief outcome measure: psychometric properties and utility of the CORE-OM.” British Journal of Psychiatry 180(1): 51-60.