Caregiver Burden Scale

General strain
1.    Do you find yourself facing purely practical problems in the care of your relative that you think are difficult tosolve?
2.    Do you think you have to shoulder too much responsibility for your relative’s welfare?
3.    Do you sometimes feel as if you would like to run away from the entire situation you find yourself in?
4.    Do you feel tired and worn out?
5.    Do you feel tied down by your relative’s problem?
6.    Do you find it mentally trying to take care of your relative?
7.    Do you think your own health has suffered because you have been taking care of your relative?
8.    Do you think you spend so much time with your relative that the time for yourself is insufficient?
9.    Do you avoid inviting friends and acquaintances home because of your relative’s problem?
10.Has your social life‚ eg with family and friends‚ been lessened?
11.Has your relative’s problem prevented you from doing what you had planned to do in this phase of your life?
12.Have you a feeling that life has treated you unfairly?
13.Had you expected that life would be different than it is at your age?
14.Do you feel lonely and isolated because of your relative’s problem? 1.
15.Do you find it physically trying to take care of your relative?
16.Have you experienced economic sacrifice because you have been taking care of your relative?
Emotional involvement.
17.Are you sometimes ashamed of your relative’s behaviour?
18.Do you ever feel offended and angry with your relative?
19.Do you feel embarrassed by your relative’s behaviour?
20.Does the physical environment make it troublesome for you taking care of your relative?
21.Do you worry about not taking care of your relative in the proper way?
22.Is there anything in the neighbourhood of your relative’s home making it troublesome for you to take care of your relative?
general strain‚ isolation‚ disappointment‚ emotional involvement‚ and environment
1 = Not At All‚ 2=Seldom‚ 3=Sometimes‚ 4=Often

Elmstahl S‚ Malmberg B‚ Annerstedt L. Caregiver’s burden of patients 3 years after stroke assessed by a novel caregiver burden scale. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 1996; 77(2):177-82.