Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire (AGQ)

1. Some of my friends think I am a hothead.
2. If I have to resort to violence to protect my rights‚ I will.
3. When people are especially nice to me‚ I wonder what they want.
4. I tell my friends openly when I disagree with them.
5. I have become so mad that I have broken things.
6. I can’t help getting into arguments when people disagree with me.
7. I wonder why sometimes I feel so bitter about things.
8. Once in a while‚ I can’t control the urge to strike another person.
9. I am an even-tempered person.
10. I am suspicious of overly friendly strangers.
11. I have threatened people I know.
12. I flare up quickly but get over it quickly.
13. Given enough provocation‚ I may hit another person.
14. When people annoy me‚ I may tell them what I think of them.
15. I am sometimes eaten up with jealousy.
16. I can think of no good reason for ever hitting a person.
17. At times I feel I have gotten a raw deal out of life.
18. I have trouble controlling my temper.
19. When frustrated‚ I let my irritation show.
20. I sometimes feel that people are laughing at me behind my back.
21. I often find myself disagreeing with people.
22. If somebody hits me‚ I hit back.
23. I sometimes feel like a powder keg ready to explode.
24. Other people always seem to get the breaks.
25. There are people who pushed me so far that we came to blows.
26. I know that "friends" talk about me behind my back.
27. My friends say that I’m somewhat argumentative.
28. Sometimes I fly off the handle for no good reason.      
29. I get into fights a little more than the average person.
Physical Aggression‚ Verbal Aggression‚ Anger‚ Hostility
Extremely unch‎aracteristic‚ Somewhat unch‎aracteristic‚ Neither unch‎aracteristic nor ch‎aracteristic‚ Somewhat ch‎aracteristic‚ Extremely ch‎aracteristic‚ Often ch‎aracteristic
Physical Aggression Scale Items: 1-9         ‚ Verbal Aggression Scale Items: 10-14‚ Anger Scale Items: 15-21‚ and Hostility Scale Items:22-29

Buss‚ A. H.‚ & Perry‚ M. P. (1992). The aggression questionnaire. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 63‚ 452-459.

Felsten G & Hill V. 1999. Aggression Questionnaire Hostility Scale Predicts Anger in Response to Mistreatment. Behav Res Ther; 37(1) 87-97.