Butler-Haigh Q-SORT

Negative: Contribute to score if fall on “unlike me” side (0-3)
·         I put on a false front.
·         I often feel humiliated.
·         I doubt my sexual powers.
·         I have a feeling of hopelessness.
·         I have few values and standards of my own.
·         It is difficult to control my aggression.
·         I want to give up trying to cope with the world.
·         I tend to be on my guard with people who are somewhat more friendly than I had expected.
·         I usually feel driven.
·         I feel helpless.
·         My decisions are not my own.
·         I am a hostile person.
·         I am disorganized.
·         I feel apathetic.
·         I don’t trust my emotions.
·         It’s pretty tough to be me.
·         I have the feeling that I am just not facing things.
·         I try not to think about my problems.
·         I am shy.
·         I am no one. Nothing seems to be me.
·         I despise myself.
·         I shrink from facing a crisis or difficulty.
·         I just don’t respect myself.
·         I am afraid of a full-fledged disagreement with a person.
·         I can’t seem to make up my mind one way or the other.
·         I am confused.
·         I am a failure.
·         I am afraid of sex.
·         I have a horror of failing in anything I want to accomplish.
·         I really am disturbed.
·         All you have to do is just insist with me‚ and I give in.
·         I feel insecure within myself.
·         I have to protect myself with excuses‚ with rationalizing.
·         I feel hopeless.
·         I am unreliable.
·         I am worthless.
·         I dislike my own sexuality.
Positive: Contribute to score if fall on “like me” side (5-8)
·         I make strong demands on myself .
·         I often kick myself for the things I do.
·         I have a warm emotional relationship with others.
·         I am responsible for my troubles.
·         I am a responsible person.
·         I can accept most social values and standards.
·         Self-control is no problem with me.
·         I usually like people.
·         I can usually live comfortably with the people around me.
·         My hardest battles are with myself.
·         I am optimistic.
·         I am liked by most people who know me.
·         I am sexually attractive.
·         I can usually make up my mind and stick to it.
·         I am contented.
·         I am poised.
·         I am impulsive
·         I am a rational person.
·         I am tolerant.
·         I have an attractive personality.
·         I am ambitious.
·         I have initiative.
·         I take a positive attitude toward myself.
·         I am assertive.
·         I am satisfied with myself.
·         I am like able.
·         My personality is attractive to the opposite sex.
·         I am relaxed and nothing really bothers me.
·         I am a hard worker.
·         I feel emotionally mature.
·         I am intelligent.
·         I am self-reliant.
·         I am different from others.
·         I understand myself.
·         I am a good mixer.
·         I feel adequate.

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