Botvin Life Skills Training Evaluation/Assertiveness

How likely would you be to do the following things?
1.    Take something back to the store‚ if it doesn’t work right.
2.    Ask people to give back things that they have borrowed‚ if they forget to give them back to you.
3.    Tell someone if they give you less change (money) than you’re supposed to get back after you pay for something.
4.    Tell people your opinion‚ even if you know they will not agree with you.
5.     Ask someone for a favor.
Assertiveness Scale:
6.    Tell someone to go to the end of the line if they try to cut in line ahead of you.
7.    Start a conversation with someone you would like to know better.
8.    Keep a conversation going by asking questions.
9.    Give and receive compliments without acting or feeling stupid.
Definitely would‚ Probably would‚ Not sure‚ Probably would not‚ Definitely would not
This instrument can be found on pages 94-96 of Core Measures Initiative Phase I Recommendations‚ Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Available online at:
Dr. Gilbert Botvin
445 East 69th Street
New York‚ NY 10021

Botvin‚ G.J.‚ Baker‚ E.‚ Dusenbury‚ L.‚ Tortu‚ S.‚ & Botvin‚ E. (1990). Preventing adolescent drug abuse through a multimodal cognitive-behavorial approach: Results of a 3-year study. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology‚ 58‚ 437-446.