Behavior Regulation Exercise Questionnaire (BREQ-3)

1.    It’s important to me to exercise regularly
2.    I don’t see why I should have to exercise
3.    I exercise because it’s fun
4.    I feel guilty when I don’t exercise
5.    I exercise because it is consistent with my life goals
6.    I exercise because other people say I should
7.    I value the benefits of exercise
8.    I can’t see why I should bother exercising
9.    I enjoy my exercise sessions
10.I feel ashamed when I miss an exercise session
11.I consider exercise part of my identity
12.I take part in exercise because my friends/family/partner say I should
13.I think it is important to make the effort to exercise regularly
14.I don’t see the point in exercising
15.I find exercise a pleasurable activity
16.I feel like a failure when I haven’t exercised in a while
17. I consider exercise a fundamental part of who I am
18.I exercise because others will not be pleased with me if I don’t
19.I get restless if I don’t exercise regularly
20.I think exercising is a waste of time
21.I get pleasure and satisfaction from participating in exercise
22.I would feel bad about myself if I was not making time to exercise
23.I consider exercise consistent with my values
24.I feel under pressure from my friends/family to exercise
Amotivation External‚ introjected‚ identified‚ Integrated regulation‚ and intrinsic motivation
Alphas for amotivation (0.74)‚ external regulation (0.77)‚ introjection regulation (0.71)‚identified regulation (0.77)‚ intrinsic motivation regulation (0.83)‚ and integrated regulation (0.89)
0 = “not true for me” to 4 = “very true for me.”
Amotivation (items: 2‚ 8‚ 14‚ and 20)‚ External Regulation(items: 6‚ 12‚ 18‚ and 24)‚ Introjected Regulation (items: 4‚ 10‚ 16‚ and 22)‚ identified Regulation (items: 1‚ 7‚ 13‚ and 19)‚ Integrated regulation (items: 5‚ 11‚ 17‚ and 23)‚ and intrinsic motivation Regulation (items: 3‚ 9‚ 15‚ and 21)
RAI= -3* Amotivation -2* External regulation -1* Introjected regulation +1* Identified regulation +2* Integrated regulation +3* Intrinsic regulation

Markland‚ D.‚ & Tobin‚ V. (2004). A modification to the Behavioural Regulation in Exercise Questionnaire to include an assessment of amotivation. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology‚ 26‚ 191–196.

Wilson‚ P.M.‚ Rodgers‚ W.M.‚ Loitz‚ C.C.‚ & Scime‚ G. (2006). “It’s who I am…really!” The importance of integrated regulation in exercise contexts. Journal of Biobehavioral Research‚ 11‚ 79-104.