Barthel Index

Mahoney & Barthel et al‚ 1965
1.    Feeding (if food needs to be cut up = help)
2.    Moving from wheelchair to bed and return (includes sitting up in bed)
3.    Personal toilet (wash face‚ comb hair‚ shave‚ clean teeth)
4.    Getting on and off toilet (handling clothes‚ wipe‚ flush)
5.    Bathing self
6.    Walking on level surface (or if unable to walk‚ propel wheelchair) *score only if unable to walk
7.    Ascend and descend stairs
8.    Dressing (includes tying shoes‚ fastening fasteners)
9.    Controlling bowels
10.Controlling bladder
Granger et al‚ 1981
1.    Drink from cup/feed from dish
2.    Dress upper body
3.    Dress lower body
4.    Don brace or prosthesis
5.    Grooming
6.    Wash or bathe
7.    Bladder continence
8.    Bowel continence
9.    Care of perineum/clothing at toilet
10.Transfer‚ chair
11.Transfer‚ toilet
12.Transfer‚ tub or shower
13.Walk on level 50 yards or more
14.Up and down stairs for one flight or more
15.Wheelchair/50 yards—only if not walking

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