Description of Measure:
A 20-item scale designed to measure altruistic tendency by gauging the frequency one engages in altruistic acts primarily toward strangers. Participants answer on a 5-point scale ranging from Never (0) to Very Often (4).
Using the following scale‚ please se‎lect the category that conforms to the frequency with which you have carried out the following acts.
 1= Never‚ 2= Once‚ 3= More than once‚ 4= Often‚ 5 =Very Often
 1.) I have helped push a stranger’s car that was broken down or out of gas.
2.) I have given directions to a stranger.
3.) I have made change for a stranger.
4.) I have given money to a ch‎arity.
5.) I have given money to a stranger who needed it (or asked me for it).
6.) I have donated goods or clothes to a ch‎arity.
7.) I have done volunteer work for a ch‎arity.
8.) I have donated blood.
9.) I have helped carry a stranger’s belongings (books‚ parcels‚ etc).
 10.) I have delayed an elevator and held the door open for a stranger.
 11.) I have allowed someone to go ahead of me in a lineup (in the supermarket‚ at a copy machine‚ at a fast-food restaurant).
 12.) I have given a stranger a lift in my car.
 13.) l have pointed out a clerk’s error (in a bank‚ at the supermarket) in underch‎arging me for an item.
 14.) I have let a neighbor whom I didn’t know too well borrow an item of some value to me (eg‚ a dish‚ tools‚ etc).
 15.) I have bought ‘ch‎arity’ holiday cards deliberately because I knew it was a good cause.
 16.) I have helped a classmate who I did not know that well with an assignment when my knowledge was greater than his or hers.
 17.) I have‚ before being asked‚ voluntarily looked after a neighbor’s pets or children without being paid for it.
 18.) I have offered to help a handicapped or elderly stranger across a street.
 19.) I have offered my seat on a bus or train to a stranger who was standing.
 20.) I have helped an acquaintance to move households.
 Score scale as a continuous measure.