Adolescent Self-esteem Questionnaire

1.    I am able to stand up for myself and what I believe in (A)
2.    How I feel about myself depends on what others think of me (A)
3.    I feel I can be myself around other people (A)
4.    I make an effort to look good (A)
5.    Overall I feel good about my abilities compared to others (e.g. at school‚ playing sports or socially) (A)
6.    If I make an innocent mistake I let it get me down (A)
7.    I feel useless (A)
8.    Overall I like who I am (B)
9.    I am a good person who has a lot to offer (B)
10.I feel that I am a valuable person who is at least equal to other people (B)
11.How I feel about my body makes me feel less confident (B)
12.I feel confident in my abilities to achieve the things I set my mind to (B)
13.I think other people like me (B)
(A): 1= Almost all of the time‚ 2= A lot of the time‚ 3= Some of the time‚ 4= A little of the time‚ 5= Hardly ever
(B): 1= Strongly agree‚ 2= Agree‚ 3= Neither agree nor disagree‚ 4= Disagree‚ 5= Strongly Disagree

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Hafekost K.‚ Boterhoven de Haan K.‚ Lawrence‚ D.‚ Sawyer M.G.‚ and Zubrick S.R.‚ (2017) Validation of the Adolescent Self-Esteem Questionnaire: Technical Report: Telethon Kids Institute and the Graduate School of Education‚ The University of Western Australia‚ Perth‚ Australia.