Acculturation Scale for Mexican Americans (ASMA)

Acculturation Scale for Mexican Americans (ASMA)
Deyo‚ Diehl‚ Hazuda‚ & Stern‚ 1985
1.    Some of our patients speak both English and Spanish‚ but many speak only one or the other. To improve our future contacts with you‚ we would like to know what language you prefer to speak.
1 = English‚ 2 = Spanish 3 = Both equally
2.    What language is most often spoken in your home?
1= English‚ 2 = Spanish‚ 3 = Both equally
3.    What was your first language as a child?
1= English‚ 2 = Spanish‚ 3 = Other
4.    Many of our patients have difficulty reading in either English or Spanish. Do you read any English?
1 = Yes‚ anything 2 = Some 3 = Very little 4 = None
Question 1-3:  1 point for English and Question 4: 1 point for 1‚ 2‚ or 3
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