Social Trust Questionnaire

Please read each of the following statements carefully to determine the degree of compliance with your feelings or behaviors. Please mark “√” on the corresponding number. Instead of spending too much time thinking about each statement, just answer your actual feelings.

ItemStrongly agree……………………Strongly disagree
1. I never dare to say what I think.12345
2. I feel life is always full of uncertainty and unpredictability.12345
3. I am used to giving up my wishes and demands.12345
4. I always worry about what will happen.12345
5. I never dare to refuse a friend’s request.12345
6. When I am unhappy, I always feel sullen or cry alone.12345
7. I always feel unlucky.12345
8. People say I am a shy and flinching person.

9. I’m always worried that a good friendship will deteriorate.12345
10. I usually stay away from leaders.12345
11. I often worry about losing control of my thoughts or emotions.12345
12. I always refrain from asking for anything.12345
13. I always worry about my life becoming a mess.12345
14. I feel unable to cope with the sudden dangers in my life.12345
15. I am afraid of building and maintaining close relationships with others.12345
16. No matter what others say, I think I’m useless.12345