Work-Family Conflict Scale

1.    I have to change plans with family members because of the demands of my job.
2.    Job demands keep me from spending the amount of time I would like with my family.
3.    Job responsibilities make it difficult for me to get family chores/errands done. _
4.    To meet the demands of my job‚ I have to limit the number of things I do with family members.
5.    My job prevents me from attending appointments and special events for family members.
6.    After work‚ I have little energy left for the things I need to do at home.
7.    I think about work when I am at home.
8.    I do not listen to what people at home are saying because I am thinking about work.
9.    After work‚ I just need to be left alone for a while.
10.My job puts me in a bad mood at home.
11.The demands of my job make it hard for me to enjoy the little time I spend with my family.
12.I would put in a longer workday if I had fewer family demands.
13.My family demands interrupt my work day.
14.Family demands make it difficult for me to take on additional job responsibilities.
15.I spend time at work making arrangements for family members.
16.Family demands make it difficult for me to have the work schedule J want.
17.When I am at work‚ I am distracted by family members.
18.Things going on in my family life make it hard for me to concentrate at work.
19.Events at home make me tense and irritable on the job.
20.Because of the demands I face at home‚ I am tired at work.
21.I spend time at work thinking about the things that I have to get done at home.
22.My family life puts me into a bad mood at work.
time-based WIF‚ strain-based WIF‚ time-based FIW‚ and strain-based FIW conflicts
1= Strongly Disagree‚ 2= Disagree‚ 3= Can’t Say‚ 4= Agree‚ 5=Strongly Agree

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