(Below are listed all 45 items that can be used depending on which are needed.)
For each of the following statements‚ please indicate how true it is for you‚ using the following scale:
not at all
I enjoyed doing this activity very much
This activity was fun to do.
I thought this was a boring activity.   (R)
This activity did not hold my attention at all.   (R)
I would describe this activity as very interesting.
I thought this activity was quite enjoyable.
While I was doing this activity‚ I was thinking about how much I enjoyed it.
Perceived Competence
I think I am pretty good at this activity.
I think I did pretty well at this activity‚ compared to other students.
After working at this activity for awhile‚ I felt pretty competent.
I am satisfied with my performance at this task.
I was pretty skilled at this activity.
This was an activity that I couldnt do very well.   (R)
I put a lot of effort into this.
I didnt try very hard to do well at this activity. (R)
I tried very hard on this activity.
It was important to me to do well at this task.
I didnt put much energy into this. (R)
I did not feel nervous at all while doing this.   (R)
I felt very tense while doing this activity.
I was very relaxed in doing these.   (R)
I was anxious while working on this task.
I felt pressured while doing these.
Perceived Choice
I believe I had some choice about doing this activity.
I felt like it was not my own choice to do this task. (R)
I didnt really have a choice about doing this task.   (R)
I felt like I had to do this.   (R)
I did this activity because I had no choice.   (R)
I did this activity because I wanted to.
I did this activity because I had to.   (R)
I believe this activity could be of some value to me.
I think that doing this activity is useful for ______________________
I think this is important to do because it can _____________________
I would be willing to do this again because it has some value to me.
I think doing this activity could help me to _____________________
I believe doing this activity could be beneficial to me.
I think this is an important activity.
I felt really distant to this person.   (R)
I really doubt that this person and I would ever be friends.   (R)
I felt like I could really trust this person.
Id like a chance to interact with this person more often.
I’d really prefer not to interact with this person in the future. (R)
I don’t feel like I could really trust this person.   (R)
It is likely that this person and I could become friends if we interacted a lot.
I feel close to this person.

Constructing the IMI for your study. First‚ decide which of the variables (factors) you want to use‚ based on what theoretical questions you are addressing. Then‚ use the items from those factors‚ randomly ordered. If you use the value/usefulness items‚ you will need to complete the three items as appropriate. In other words‚ if you were studying whether the person believes an activity is useful for improving concentration‚ or becoming a better basketball player‚ or whatever‚ then fill in the blanks with that information. If you do not want to refer to a particular outcome‚ then just truncate the items with its being useful‚ helpful‚ or important