Teacher Burnout Scale

1.    I am bored with my job.
2.    I am tired of my students.
3.    I am weary with all of my job responsibilities.
4.    My job doesn’t excite me any more.
5.    I dislike going to my job.
6.    I feel alienated at work.
7.    I feel frustrated at work.
8.    I avoid communication with students.
9.    I avoid communication with my colleagues.
10.I communicate in a hostile manner at work.
11.I feel ill at work.
12.I think about calling my students ugly names.
13.I avoid looking at my students.
14.My students make me sick.
15.I feel sick to my stomach when I think about work.
16.I wish people would leave me alone at work.
17.I dread going to school.
18.I am apathetic about my job.
19.I feel stressed at work.
20.I have problems concentrating at work.
Strongly Disagree = 1; Disagree = 2; Neutral =3; Agree =4; Strongly Agree = 5
SCORING: Add up your scores for all 20 items.
INTERPRETATION: 20-35 means you have few burnout feelings; 36-55 means you have some strong feelings of burnout; 56-70 means you have substantial burnout feelings; and71-80 means you are experiencing burnout.

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