Tanglewood Research Evaluation

Tanglewood Research Evaluation/Commitment to Not Use Drugs
Hansen‚ W.B.‚& McNeal‚ R.B. How D.A. 1997
Commitment to Not Use Drugs Scale:
1 I have made a final decision to stay away from marijuana.
2 I have decided that I will smoke cigarettes.
3 If I had the chance and knew I would not be caught‚ I would get drunk.
4 I plan to get drunk sometime in the next year.
5 I have made a promise to myself that I will not drink alcohol.
6 I have told at least one person that I do not intend to smoke.
7 It is clear to my friends that I am committed to living a drug-free life.
8 I have signed my name to a pledge saying that I will not use marijuana or drugs.?
Strongly agree/ Agree/ Disagree/ Strongly disagree
This instrument can be found on pages 79-81 of Core Measures Initiative Phase I Recommendations‚ Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Available online at:http://vvv.dmhas.state.ct.us/sig/pdf/uconn/core_measures.pdf
Dr. Bill Hansen
Tanglewood Research Inc.
701 Albert Pick Road
Greensboro‚ NC 27409

Hansen‚ W.B.‚& McNeal‚ R.B. How D.A.R.E. works: An examination of program effects on mediating variables. Health Education & Behavior. 1997; 24(2): 165-176.