Short Happiness and Affect Research Protocol (SHARP)

During the past month have you felt . . .
1.    _____ In high spirits?
2.    _____ Particularly content with your life?
3.    _____ Depressed or very unhappy?
4.    _____ Flustered as you didn’t know what was expected of you?
5.    _____ Bitter about the way your life has turned out?
6.    _____ Generally satisfied with how your life has turned out?
The next questions have to do with general life experiences.
7.    _____ I am just as happy as when I was younger.
8.    _____ As I look back on my life‚ I am fairly well satisfi ed.
9.    _____ Things are getting worse as I get older.
10._____ Little things bother me more this year.
11._____ Life is hard for me most of the time.
12._____ I am satisfied with my life today.
recent positive affect‚ recent negative affect‚ long-term positive experience‚ and long-term negative experience.
“yes” and “no”
SCORING: Affirmative responses score 1 point for items 1‚ 2‚ 6‚ 7‚ 8‚ and 12‚ and –1 for the remaining items.
Negative responses or items left blank are scored 0.
This instrument can be found at: “Tools for strengths-based assessment and evaluation”‚ Simmons C. A.‚ Lehmann P. (eds) pp. 182-183. (2013). Google Scholar

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