Student Measure of Culturally Responsive Teaching (SMCRT)

Student Measure of Culturally Responsive Teaching (SMCRT)
Dickson‚ Chun‚ Fernandez‚ 2016
My teacher(s) …
-       explain what we are learning in different ways to help students learn.
-       want parents to be involved in student learning.
-       provide visual examples when explaining things.
-       use things like videos‚ pictures‚ and guests to help students learn.
-       want students from different cultures to respect one another.
-       use what I already know to help me understand new ideas.
-       try to communicate with my parents about my grades and what I am learning.
-       treat all students like they are important members of the classroom.
-       try to find out what interests me.
-       use real-life examples to help explain things.
-       use examples that are interesting to help students learn.
-       use examples from my culture when teaching.
-       ask about students’ home-life.
-       are interested in my culture.
-       ask about ways that students’ culture may be different from others.
-       speak about contributions that my culture has made to science.
-       help students learn about other students and their cultures.
-       have talked about the ways that people from different cultures are not understood.
-       have spoken in Spanish to me or to other students who speak Spanish.
-       my teachers speak in Spanish.
-       I have heard my teachers allow students to speak in Spanish at times in class.
Diverse Teaching Practice; Cultural Engagement; Diverse Language Affirmation

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