Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire – Revised (SATAQ- R)

Cusumano & Thompson‚ 1997
1. I would like my body to look like the women who appear in TV shows and movies.
2. I believe that clothes look better on women that are in good physical shape.
3. Music videos that show women who are in good physical shape make me wish that I were in better physical shape.
4. I do not wish to look like the female models who appear in magazines.
5. I tend to compare my body to TV and movie stars.
6. In our society‚ fat people are regarded as attractive.
7. Photographs of physically fit women make me wish that I had better muscle tone.
8. Attractiveness is very important if you want to get ahead in our culture.
9. It’s important for people to look attractive if they want to succeed in today’s culture.
10. Most people believe that a toned and physically fit body improves how you look.
11. People think the more attractive you are‚ the better you look in clothes.
12. In today’s society‚ it’s not important to always look attractive.
13. I wish I looked like the women pictured in magazines who model underwear.
14. I often read magazines and compare my appearance to the female models.
15. People with well-proportioned bodies look better in clothes.
16. A physically fit woman is admired for her looks more than someone who is not fit or toned.
17. How I look does not affect my mood in social situations.
18. People find individuals who are in shape more attractive than individuals who are not in shape.
19. In our culture‚ someone with a well-built body has a better chance of obtaining success.
20. I often find myself comparing my physique to that of athletes pictured in magazines.
21. I do not compare my appearance to people I consider very attractive.
Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Scale-3 -Internalization-General subscale (SATAQ-3-I-G)
This instrument can be found on page 122 of “The development and validation of the Thinness Expectancy Questionnaire”. Available online at:
1= Completely Disagree‚ 2‚ 3=Neither Agree Nor Disagree‚ 4‚ 5= Completely Agree

Cusumano‚ D.L.‚ & Thompson‚ J.K. (1997). Body image and body shape ideals inmagazines: Exposure‚ awareness‚ and internalization. Sex Roles‚ 37‚ 701-721.

Steinberg‚ Ari R.‚ “The development and validation of the Thinness Expectancy Questionnaire (TEQ)” (2004). Graduate Theses and Dissertations.