Social Support Opinions Survey (SSOS)

Social Support Opinions Survey (SSOS)
Harber et al‚ 2008
When supplying help for a major [moderate] problem‚ how important is it to you to:
1.    Take ch‎arge of as much as possible. (D)
2.    Encourage the person to get over his/her problem quickly. (D)
3.    Know when to back off from being helpful. (N)
4.    Let the person get over problems at his/her own pace. (N)
5.    Listen to problems without making any judgments. (N)
6.    Take ch‎arge of solving problems. (D)
7.    Try to see things from the person’s point of view. (N)
8.    Decide for the person what kind of help they might need. (D)
9.    Let the person know that you are on his/her side. (N)
10.Advise others on how to help the person. (D)
11.Accept the person’s wish to be alone‚ even if you think company is what is needed. (N)
12.Only give help that is asked for‚ even if you think that other things should be done. (N)
13.Push the person to take ch‎arge of his/her problem. (D)
14.Support solutions that the person comes up with‚ even if you disagree with them.
Note. D = Directive; N = Nondirective.
directive subscale (a =0.74- .78)‚ nondirective subscale (a = .70- 0.77).
Not at all important‚ Slightly important‚ Moderately important‚ Very important‚ Extremely important

Harber‚ Kent D‚. Jussim‚ Lee‚. Kennedy‚ Kathleen A.‚ Freyberg‚ Robin.‚ Baum‚ Lisa. (2008). Social Support Opinion. Journal of Applied Social Psychology‚ 38(6); 1463–1505.