Separation-Individuation Process Inventory (S-IPI)

Separation-Individuation Process Inventory (S-IPI)
Christenson & Wilson‚ 1985
1.    When people really care for someone‚ they often feel worse about themselves.
2.    When someone gets too emotionally close to another person‚ he/she often feels lost.
3.    When people really get angry at someone‚ they often feel worthless.
4.    It is when people start getting emotionally close to someone that they are most likely to get hurt.
5.    People need to maintain control over others to keep from being harmed.
6.    I find that people seem to change whenever I get to know them.
7.    It is easy for me to see both good and bad qualities that I have at the same time.
8.    I find that people either really like me or they hate me.
9.    I find that others often treat me as if I am just there to meet their every wish.
10.I find that I really vacillate between really liking myself and really disliking myself.
11.When I am by myself‚ I feel that something is missing.
12.I need other people around me to not feel empty.
13.I sometimes feel that part of me is lost whenever I agree with someone else.
14.Like others‚ whenever I see someone I really respect and to whom I look up‚ I often feel worse about myself.
15.I find it easy to see myself as a distinct individual.
16.Whenever I realize how different I am from my parents I feel very uneasy.
17.In my experience‚ I almost always consult my mother before making animportant decision.
18.I find it relatively easy to make and keep commitments to other people.
19.I find that when I get emotionally close to someone‚ I occasionally feellike hurting myself.
20.I find that either I really like someone or I can’t stand them.
21.I often have dreams about falling that make me feel anxious.
22.I find it difficult to form mental pictures of people significant to me.
23.I have on more than one occasion seemed to wake up and find myself ina relationship with someone‚ and notbe sure of how or why I am in therelationship.
24.I must admit that when I feel lonely‚ I often feel like getting intoxicated.
25.Whenever I am angry with someone‚ I feel worthless.
26.If I were to tell my deepest thoughts‚ I would feel empty.
27.In my experience‚ people always seem to hate me.
28.Whenever I realize how similar I am to my parents‚ I feel very uneasy.
29.Often‚ when I am in a close relationship‚ I find that my sense ofwho I am gets lost.
30.I find it difficult for me to see others as ha‎ving both good and badqualities at the same time.
31.I find that the only way I can be me is to be different from other people.
32.I find that when I get emotionally too close to someone‚ I sometimes feelthat I have lost part of who I am.
33.Whenever I am away from family‚ I feel very uneasy.
34.Getting physical affection itself seems more important to me that who givesit to me.
35.I find it difficult to really know another person well.
36.I find that it is important for me to have my mother’s approval beforemaking a decision.
37.I must admit that whenever I see someone else’s faults‚ I feel better.
38.I am tempted to try to control other people in order to keep them close tome.
39.I must admit that whenever I get emotionally close to someone‚ Isometimes want to hurt them.
“1 = Not ch‎aracteristic” to “10 = Very ch‎aracteristic”
Three items are reversed scored

Christenson‚ R. M.‚ & Wilson‚ W. P. (1985). Assessing pathology in the separation individuation process by an inventory. The Journal of Nervous and MentalDisease‚ 173‚ 561-565.