Recovery Process Inventory (RPI)

Recovery Process Inventory (RPI)
Jerrell ‚ Cousins & Roberts. 2006
1. I feel discriminated against or excluded from my community because of my mental illness.
2. I feel lost and hopeless much of the time.
3. I feel isolated and alone when I am with my family.
4. I find places and situations where I can make friends.
5. There is meaning and purpose to my life.
6. I have a good‚ safe place to live.
7. I ask for help from others when I need it.
8. Fear doesn’t stop me from living the way I want to.
9. I feel isolated and alone much of the time.
10. I am living in the kind of place I like.
11. My family tries to control my treatment too much.
12. I can be with people at church‚ temple‚ or a prayer meeting who understand my journey to recovery.
13. I don’t think that I will ever find the kind of place where I want to live.
14. I have a positive outlook on life.
15. No one would hire me to work for them.
16. I trust myself to make good decisions and positive changes in my life.
17. Even when I don’t care about myself‚ other people do.
18. I get on with my life when I have hope.
19. I feel better when I know how to take care of myself.
20. I feel more isolated when people around me pray for help.
21. Other people are always making decisions about my life.
22. I spend time with people to feel connected and better about myself.
Anguish‚ Connectedness to others‚ Confidence/purpose‚ Others care/help‚ Living situation‚ Hopeful/cares for self
1= I strongly disagree‚ 2= I disagree‚ 3=I am neutral‚ 4= I agree‚ 5= I strongly agree

Jerrell‚ Jeanette M.‚ Cousins‚  Victoria C.‚ Roberts‚ Katherine M. (2006). Psychometrics of the Recovery Process Inventory. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research; 33(4):464-473.