Self-Consciousness Scales – revised

1.    I’m always trying to figure myself out
2.    I’m concerned about my style of doing things
3.    It takes me time to overcome my shyness in new situations
4.     I think about myself a lot.
5.     I care a lot about how I present myself to others.
6.    I often daydream about myself.
7.    It’s hard for me to work when someone is watching me.
8.    I never take a hard look at myself.
9.    I get embarrassed very easily.
10.I’m self-conscious about the way I look
11. It’s easy for me to talk to strangers.
12.I generally pay attentive to my inner feelings
13.I usually worry about making a good impression
14.I’m constantly thinking about my reasons for doing things‚
15.I feel nervous when I speak in front of a group
16.Before I leave my house‚ I check how I look.
17.I sometimes step back (in my mind) in order to examine myself from a distance.
18.I’m concerned about what other people think of me.
19.I’m quick to notice in my mood.
20.I’m usually aware of my appearance.
21.I know the way my mind works when I work through a problem.
22.Large groups make me nervous
Private Self-Consciousness‚ Public Self-Consciousness‚ Social Anxiety
This instrument can be found on pages 693-694 of “The self-consciousness scale: A revised version for use with general populations”‚ available online at:
3= a lot like me; 2= a little like me; 1= somewhat like me; 0= not like me at all
Private Self-Consciousness: items (1‚ 4‚ 6‚ 8‚ 12‚ 14‚ 17‚ 19‚ and 21)
Public Self-Consciousness: items (2‚ 5‚ 10‚ 13‚ 16‚ 18‚ and 20)
Social Anxiety: items (3‚ 7‚ 9‚ 11‚ 15‚ and 22)

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