Body Consciousness Questionnaire

1. I am sensitive to internal bodily tensions.
2. When with others‚ I want my hands to be clean and look nice.
3. For my size‚ I’m pretty strong.
4. I know immediately when my mouth or throat gets dry.
5. It’s important for me that my skin looks nice…for example‚ has no blemishes.
6. I’m better coordinated than most people.
7. I can often feel my heart beating.
8. I am very aware of my best and worst facial features.
9. I’m light on my feet compared to most people.
10. I am quick to sense the hunger contractions of my stomach.
11. I like to make sure that my hair looks right.
12. I’m capable of moving quickly.
13. I’m very aware of changes in my body temperature.
14. I think a lot about my body build.
15. I’m concerned about my posture.
This instrument can be found at: pages 94-95 of Relationship between Self and Physical Body:An Examination of the Phenomenon of Disconnect. Broccoli.Tara Lynn
0=extremely unch‎aracteristic -‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–‎–extremely ch‎aracteristic=4

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Broccoli.Tara Lynn‚. 2008. Relationship between Self and Physical Body: An Examination of the Phenomenon of Disconnect. Rutgers University‚ New Brunswick‚ NJ. Phd thesis.