Social Consciousness

1. The problems of other people don’t really bother me.
2. If I was mean to someone‚ I would feel bad about it later.
3. If I knew for sure I wouldn’t get caught‚ I would probably steal something that I really wanted.
4. People usually have a good reason for fighting.
5. Telling a lie makes me feel uncomfortable.
These items measure perceptions of how one’s behavior affects others. Youths are asked to indicate the extent to which they agree or disagree with the following statements.
This instrument can be found on page 155 of Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes‚ Behaviors‚ and Influences Among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
Males aged 12-16.
Point values are assigned as follows:
Strongly agree = 1
Agree = 2
Disagree = 3
Strongly disagree = 4
Items 2 and 5 are reverse coded. Values are summed and divided by the total number of items (5) for each respondent. The intended range is 1-4‚ with a high score indicating a greater sense of how one’s behavior may affect others.

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