Reciprocal Support Scale (RSS)

Reciprocal Support Scale (RSS)
Silver‚ Bricker‚ Pesta‚ & Pugh‚ 2002
1.    I find it easy to communicate my needs to my recovery partner.
2.    I value my recovery partner as a person.
3.    My recovery partner values me as a person.
4.    My recovery partner serves as a role model.
5.    I serve as a role model to my recovery partner.
6.    I am supportive of my recovery partner.
7.    My recovery partner is supportive of me.
8.    I trust my recovery partner.
9.    I think my recovery partner trusts me.
10.My recovery partner helped me with problem-solving.
11.I helped my recovery partner with problem-solving.
12.We can count on each other for advice.
13.We help each other.
14.We respect each other.
1. Almost Never‚ 2. Rarely‚ 3. Sometimes‚ 4. Often‚ 5. Almost Always
This instrument can be found at:

Ohio Department of Mental Health (2004‚ May). The Ohio Mental Health Consumer Outcomes System procedural manual‚ 6th Edition. Columbus‚ OH: Ohio Department of Mental Health.

Silver‚ T.‚ Bricker‚ B.‚ Pesta‚ Z.‚ & Pugh‚ D. (2002). Impact of teaching mental health best practices and recovery processes on constituent populations of the mental health system. In D. Roth (Ed.)‚ Newresearch in mental health‚ Vol.15 (pp.331-335). Columbus‚ OH: Ohio Department of Mental Health.