Parental Monitoring Assessment (PMA)

1. My parents know where I am after school.
2. If I am going to be home late‚ I am expected to call my parent(s) to let them know.
3. I tell my parent(s) who I am going to be with before I go out.
4. When I go out at night‚ my parent(s) know where I am.
5. I talk with my parent(s) about the plans I have with my friends.
6. When I go out‚ my parent(s) ask me where I am going.
7. My parents know who my friends are.
8. My parents know how I spend my money.
  • Monitoring
This instrument can be found on pages 71-72 of Latino Families and Youth: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
1 = Never
2 = Rarely
3 = Sometimes
4 = Most of the time
5 = Always

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