Parent-Child Affective Quality/Parent Report

During the past month‚ when you and your child have spent time talking or doing things together‚how often did you:
a. Get angry at him or her
b. Let this child know you really care about him/her
c. Shout or yell at this child because you were mad at him/her
d. Act loving and affectionate toward him/her
e. Let this child know that you appreciate him/her‚ his/her ideas or things he/she does
f. Yell‚ insult or swear at him/her when you disagreed
g. When this child does something wrong‚ how often do you lose your temper and yell at him or her
1=Always/2= Almost Always/ 3=Fairly Often/ 4=About Half the Time/ 5= Not too Often/ 6= Almost Never/ 7= Never
 This instrument can be found on pages 140-141 of Core Measures Initiative Phase I Recommendations‚ Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Available online at :
Dr. Rich‎ard Spoth and Dr. Cleve Redmond
2625 N Loop 500
Ames‚ IA 50011-1275
(515) 294-9752
Liddle‚ H.A.‚ & Rowe‚ C. Family Measures in Drug Abuse Prevention. NIDA Monograph‚