Organizational Climate Index (OCI)

1. The principal explores all sides of topics and admits that other opinions exist.
2. A few vocal parents can change school policy.
3. The principal treats all faculty members as his or her equal.
4. The learning environment is orderly and serious.
5. The principal is friendly and approachable.
6. se‎lect citizens groups are influential with the board.
7. The school sets high standards for academic performance.
8. Teachers help and support each other.
9. The principal responds to pressure from parents.
10. The principal lets faculty know what is expected of them.
11. Students respect others who get good grades.
12. Teachers feel pressure from the community.
13. The principal maintains definite standards of performance.
14. Teachers in this school believe that their students have the ability to achieve academically.
15. Students seek extra work so they can get good grades.
16. Parents exert pressure to maintain high standards.
17. Students try hard to improve on previous work.
18. Teachers accomplish their jobs with enthusiasm.

19. Academic achievement is recognized and acknowledged by the school.
20. The principal puts suggestions made by the faculty into operation.
21. Teachers respect the professional competence of their colleagues.
22. Parents press for school improvement.
23. The interactions between faculty members are cooperative.
24. Students in this school can achieve the goals that have been set for them.
25. Teachers in this school exercise professional judgment.
26. The school is vulnerable to outside pressures.
27. The principal is willing to make changes.
28. Teachers “go the extra mile” with their students.
29. Teachers provide strong social support for colleagues.
30. Teachers are committed to their students 
Collegial Principal Behavior (.94)‚ Professional Teacher Behavior (.88)‚ Achievement Press (.92)‚ and Institutional Vulnerability (.87)
1= Rarely
Occurs‚ 2= Sometimes Occurs‚ 3= Often
Occurs‚ 4= Very
Frequently Occurs
Collegial Leadership (CL) = 1+3+5+10+13+20+27
Professional Teacher Behavior (PTB) = 8+18+21+23+ 25+28+29
Achievement Press (AP) = 7+11+15+16+17+19+22+24
Institutional Vulnerability (IV) = 2+6+9+12+26
Standard score= [100X (items mean – Scale mean)/ std]+500
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Hoy‚ W. K.‚ Smith‚ P. A.‚ and Sweetland‚ S. R. (2002). The development of the organizational climate index for high schools: Its measure and relationship to faculty trust. The High School Journal‚ 86‚ 38-49.