New Personal Fable Scale

The NPFS is a 46-item scale and comprises tree subscales: (Omnipotence, Personal Uniqueness, and Invulnerability) the reliability of the measure examined by internal consistency Chronbach alpha method. Alpha coefficient for Omnipotence = 0.74, for Personal Uniqueness = 0.64, and for Invulnerability = 0.60. Validity of the measures investigated by factor analysis method. Result of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis confirmed the validity of measure for use in Iran.

How well do the following statements describe you? Rate each statement on the following scale:

  • Strongly disagree
  • disagree
  • not sure/neutral
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree

1_____I believe I can do anything I set my mind to.
2_____Nothing seems to really bother me.
3_____No one has the same thoughts and feelings I have
4_____I think that I am more persuasive than my friends.
5_____I believe that no one can stop me if I really want to do something
6_____I’m somehow different from everyone else.
7_____It often seems like everything I do turns out great
8_____I don’t think anything will stand in the way of my goals
9_____I’m the only one than can really understand me.
10_____I believe that other people control my life
11_____I don’t believe in taking chances.
12_____I believe that I am unique.
13_____I think that I can be anything I want to be
14_____I’m a fragile person.
15_____I think that deep down everybody is the same.
16_____I believe that everything I do is important
17_____I believe in knowing how something will turn out before I try it.
18_____I’m just like everyone else.
19_____I think I’m a powerful person.
20_____I believe in taking risks.
21_____Everybody goes through the same things that I am going through
22_____I think that I am better than my friends at just about anything.
23_____I tend to doubt myself a lot.
24_____It’s hard for me to tell if I am different from my friends.
25_____I often feel that I am insignificant and that I don’t really matter.
26_____Other people have no influence on me.
27_____There isn’t anything special about me.
28_____I often think that people don’t listen to what I have to say.
29_____There are times when I think that I am indestructible.
30_____I honestly think I can do things that no one else can.
31_____I can get away with things that other people can’t.
32_____Everyone knows that I am a leader.
33_____Nobody will ever know what I am really like.
34_____No one sees the world the way that I do.
35_____It is impossible for people to hurt my feelings.
36_____People always do what I tell them to do .
37_____People usually wait to hear my opinion before making a decision
38_____I usually let my friends decide what we are going to do
39_____My feelings are easily hurt
40_____The problems that some people get into could never happen to me
41_____I enjoy taking risks
42_____It is easy for me to take risks because I never get hurt or caught
43_____I don’t take chances because I usually get in trouble
44_____I am always in control
45_____I am not afraid to do dangerous things
46_____Sometimes I think that no one really understands me

Reverse-score: 10 23 28 38 11 14 17 39 43 15 18 21 24 25 27
Omnipotence: 1, 4 5 7 8 10 13 16 19 22 23 26 28 30 32 36 37 38 44
Invulnerability: 2 11 14 17 20 29 31 35 39 40 41 42 43 45
Personal Uniqueness: 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 25 27 33 34 46

Daniel K. Lapsley
University of Notre Dame
Department of Psychology
[email protected]


Jowkar, B., & Noorafshan, L. (2011). Gender different between imaginary audience and personal fable with resilience among male and female. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences29, 422-425.