Indiscriminate Proreligiousness Scale Personal Form

Directions: Please help us understand the role of regular church attendance in your Ii re. Carefully read each item below and write the word that best describes your response to the item‚ either true or false.
1.       Religious services always give me new insight into my beliefs. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
2.       I am always inspired by the sermon topics.    -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
3.      Sometimes I daydream during services. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
4.      I always try to use the message of the weekly sermon in me daily life. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
5.      There have been times when I doubted the existence of God. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
6.      I always live by my religious beliefs. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
7.      My religious beliefs guide me in every one of my daily actions. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
8.      There are times when I do not feel like going to church. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
9.      Praying always brings me inner peace. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
10. Sometimes I feel that the teachings of my religion ask too much of me. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
11. I never disobey the teachings of my faith. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-
12. When things are going well for me‚ I sometimes forget to thank God. -‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-‎-

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