Nettler’s Alienation

Nettler’s Alienation
Nettler 1957
1.    Do you vote i n national elections? (Or would you if of voting age?) (No)
2.    Do you enjoy TV? (No)
3.    What do you think of the new model American automobiles? (Disapprove)
4.    Do you read Reader’s Digest? (No)
5.    Were you interested in the recent national elections? (No)
6.    Do you think children are generally a nuisance to their parents? (Yes)
7.    Are you interested in ha‎ving children? (Or would you be at the right age?) (No)
8.    Do you like to participate in church activities? (No)
9.    Do national spectator-sports (football‚ baseball) interest you? (No)
10.Do you think most married people lead trapped (frustrated) lives? (Yes)
11.Do you think you could just as easily live in another society past or present? (Yes)
12.Do you think most politicians are sincerely interested in the public’s welfare‚ or are they more interested in themselves? (Themselves)
13.Do you think religion is mostly myth or mostly truth? (Myth)
14.”Life‚ as most men live it‚ is meaningless.” Do you agree or disagree? (Agree)
15.For yourself‚ assuming you could carry out your decision or do things over again‚ do you think a single life or married life would be the more satisfactory? (Single)
16.Do you believe human life i s an expression of a divine purpose‚ or is it only the result of chance and evolution? (Chance)
17.”Most people live lives of quiet desperation.” Do you agree or disagree? (Agree)
Later items:
1.    Our public education system is in pretty sorry shape. (Agree)
2.    Are you generally interested in local elections? (Yes)
3.    In the long run and with some rare exceptions‚ who gets elected or doesn’t hasn’t the slightest influence upon social welfare. (Agree)
(In this later version items 3‚ 11‚ 12‚ 14‚ and 17 were dr‎opped.)
mass culture (4 items)‚ familism (4 items)‚ religiosity (3 items)‚ politicism (6 items).

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