Life/Career Values Inventory

Career Values
1.    I am well liked by many people in the organization.
2.    My ideas are respected and listened to.
3.    My position has a good sounding title.
4.    Top leaders know me and my work.
5.    My subordinates like me and believe I am fair.
6.    I want to earn ___% more than at present.
7.    I am known and recognized as a success in my field.
8.    I enjoy receiving frequent feedback and recognition.
9.    Salary increases are directly related to my productivity.
10.I am involved in making decisions.
11.I enjoy being in ch‎arge of things.
12.My work accomplishes something worthwhile to society.
13.I am most satisfied in a structured/non-structured work environment.
14.I am able to work with a high degree of integrity.
15.My work enables me to help others.
16.The morals and values of co-workers are similar to mine.
17.I enjoy socializing with my co-workers.
18.The organization is well regarded.
19.My work does not interfere with social or family life.
20.I am challenged by new ideas and tasks.
21.I am encouraged to continue growing.
22.There is opportunity for advancement.
23.Job security is of major importance to me.
Life Values
1.    I am able to take part in community activities and organizations.
2.    Others do not question my life-style.
3.    There are many cultural opportunities where I live.
4.    I am able to take part only in those things of interest.
5.    I am able to live the life-style I want.
6.    My work associates do not make demands on my non-work time.
7.    My spouse is able to have a satisfying life-style.
8.    My children attend good schools.
9.    I am able to have a significant relationship.
10.I am able to have the kind of family life I enjoy.
11.I have many friends and acquaintances.
12.My work does not interfere with my family or social life.
13.My friends share similar cultural and moral values.
14.I enjoy ha‎ving a few very close friends.
15.My neighbors are good people.
16.I live in a comfortable home and a good neighborhood.
17.I am able to take the kind of vacation I enjoy.
18.“Going out” is an important part of my life-style.
19.There is opportunity to be physically fit and active.
20.I am able to continue learning and gaining new knowledge.
21.I am respected in my community and neighborhood.
22.I am regarded as a person with integrity.
23.I am widely known in my community.
Presently Experience/ Level of Importance: You will be using a 1 – 10 scale with 1 meaning No Importance and 10 meaning Very High Importance.
Career Values: Recognition items 1-2-3-4-5; Rewards items 6-7-8-9; Work-Product. Add items 10-11-12-13-14-15; Organization items 16-17-18-19; Growth items 20-21-22
Life Values: Community items 1-2-3-4-5; Family items 6-7-8-9-10; Friends/Social items 11-12-13-14-15; Financial items 16-17-18; Growth items 19-20‚ Recognition items 21-22-23